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Red line branding for resinique, specialists in Epoxy Resin Flooring in Essex

Resinique are happy to cater to both domestic and commercial clients, to create the interior epoxy flooring and countertops that you have in mind. As a highly decorative and vibrant medium, epoxy resin is ideal for commercial enterprises with a bold and colourful brand. Being very durable and waterproof, it is ideal for bars and clubs, as well as for education or care settings, or shopping centres, where coloured epoxy flooring can be helpful for guiding people to their intended destinations.


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Red line branding for resinique, specialists in Epoxy Resin Flooring in Essex

In the home, epoxy resin is great for garage floors, where the material stands up well to vehicle traffic, oil or fuel spills, or almost anything else that a garage floor might encounter. The resin can also be used for kitchen and bathroom floors. Even though it can be finished to a shiny effect, it is not slippery at all. Furthermore, further additives or textures can be applied, which eliminate the chances of slipping to virtually zero.



Red line branding for resinique, specialists in Epoxy Resin Flooring in Essex

Where can I apply epoxy flooring?

Epoxy concrete coatings can be applied in many residential, commercial, and industrial situations. Here are just a few of the buildings that epoxy resin has been applied in:

  • Residential property
  • Garages
  • Shopping centres
  • Pubs, bars and clubs
  • Care homes and hospitals
  • Kitchens and restaurants
  • Gyms, and changing rooms

What different types of epoxy surfaces are there available?

Many customers are surprised to learn epoxy floor coatings come in a huge array of formulations. The right type of epoxy flooring will depend on your environment:

Metallic epoxy

This type of epoxy coating incorporates metallic pigments that are agitated to form a three-dimensional effect.

Quartz epoxy

This type of epoxy flooring is ultra-strong yet decorative and it includes colourful quartz granules for a hard-wearing surface.

Epoxy flake flooring

This form of epoxy flooring is popular for garages and commercial areas. It has coloured epoxy flakes broadcast over the surface to add an attractive decorative effect as well as a slip-resistant texture.

What is the cost of epoxy resin?

Our services are priced dependent on size of project, preparation involved & design choice. Typically you can expect a price range between £60 - £100 per square meter full supply of material and installation. Please get in touch for a tailored quote today.

How easy is maintenance?

Cleaning using your normal everyday household products is more than adequate. Maintenance is important to keep your new floor/worktop looking as good as the day it was installed.

Are epoxy floors slippery?

It’s a common misconception that epoxy concrete coatings are slippery. This is easy to understand because epoxy has a seamless and glossy surface. Generally, epoxy is perfectly safe to walk on when it’s clean and dry with similar grip to your typical bathroom tiles.

If you are concerned about skid resistance, especially if the floor will get wet in a commercial setting or garage, we recommend a slip-resistant additive, epoxy quartz flooring, or epoxy flake flooring, which all offer a textured surface.

Why is epoxy flooring better than traditional concrete flooring?

Traditional concrete isn’t as durable as it looks, as it’s naturally very porous and lacks tensile strength. An epoxy floor coating protects your concrete floor from stains and damage while increasing its tensile and compressive strength. Epoxy is seamless and nonporous, which makes cleaning your floors easy. It’s also highly decorative with endless ways to get the floor you are envisioning.

Is Epoxy resin good for commercial settings?

Epoxy floor coatings were originally designed for commercial environments. Epoxy is a clear choice for almost any industry because it both protects the concrete floor while creating a hard-working surface that can hold up against almost anything.

Epoxy coatings can be used anywhere sanitation is a concern, including food processing plants, kitchens, and hospitals. Its nonporous and seamless surface resists liquids and isolates spills on the surface for easy decontamination and clean-up. It can also hold up against forklift traffic, shopping cart wheels, chemical spills, and other abrasions.


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Resinique can carry out epoxy resin flooring in Essex, London, East Anglia, and the whole of Southeast England. For particularly extensive or intricate projects, we will be happy to come to you wherever you are in the country. Feel free to email us or call 07825 664 314 to book a consultation.

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