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Creativity and integrity from start to finish

The staff at Resinique have worked in the industry for many years, producing superb quality resin floors and kitchens as subcontractors, before deciding to strike out alone as independent epoxy resin specialists. We established Resinique in 2021, branching into decorative epoxy, and quickly becoming a leading specialist for the UK.

As a company, Resinique prides itself on creativity and innovation, creating truly bespoke resin finishes for homeowners and commercial settings across the UK. Just important as our end product is our customer service, which is always honest and transparent from start to finish.

We offer all clients a free, no obligation technical site survey and quotation - giving you peace of mind that you have trusted your installation to the experts.




Why choose resinique?

  • Years of experience in the resin flooring industry
  • Personal and friendly service, and expert installer crews
  • All regions covered throughout the UK and internationally
  • Complete freedom in choosing the colours and style you want
  • Honest and transparent from start to finish

For epoxy resin flooring in Essex, contact Resinique. You can email us or call 07825 664 314 to book a consultation.



Our Business Values at

Red line branding for resinique, specialists in Epoxy Resin Flooring in Essex



All our epoxy resin floors and kitchen countertops are installed to the highest standards, ensuring a flawless beautiful finish every time.

customer freedom

You have complete creative license to produce any design or look you can imagine. Show us a picture, and we will imitate it in resin.



On the other hand, if you wish, we can design any range of finishes in resin, and show you samples and prints for you to check.


It is our pledge to always work with transparency and efficiency, and to always treat our clients with the utmost integrity.







Resinique are the epoxy resin specialists!

If you want to have your kitchen looking modern and beautiful, contact Resinique today on 07825 664 314, or use our handy contact form.

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